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Talents concepts
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Talents foremost, seeking for joint development
Use well the talents available, stabilize the core talents, absorb necessary talents and reserve future talents. Strengthen the construction of the talents cascade and team building, focus on effectiveness of training and save strong power for the development of the enterprise. All these are our talents strategies adhering.

Talents foremost
Based on every employee, Nanjing Bearing focuses on an employment system paying attention to ethnics, talents and morality, advocating and mobilizing initiative, activeness and creativity of each employee, and creates an open environment that cherishes, values, incubates and uses talents so as to achieve joint development of people and enterprise.

Joint development
Nanjing Bearing has already taken sustainable development as its mission, trying to facilitate joint development of individuals and the enterprise. The Company establishes a platform, on which employees show themselves. With common development, achieve the growth of both people and enterprise.
We invite you to join our team to interpret what is "Nanjing Bearing People".

Remunerations and welfare
Salary: post and skill salary +bonus;
Five insurances and one fund;
Legal national holidays;
Paid vacation;
Others (free work meals, transportation subsidy, rental subsidy and health examination, etc.)

Employment procedure
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Note: Submit resume: online application on our website or send      Emails: njjnzc-pb@njjnzc.com
     Talents hotline: 025-85417495
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